Your custom hat

The process to create your bespoke Oliver Lewis piece take us a good amount of skills and care, yet for you, it is straightforward: Starting with an appointment with Rich – in person in New York or via video call. 

During our meeting we get you measured and discuss your preferences in colors, crown shape, brim width, as well as likings for finishes and details. A custom made hat starts at $565. Based on your decisions (materials, details) we can give you an individual estimate. When you're ready to move forward in the hat-making process, we require a deposit to get started. Rich then creates your hat foundation. 

Throughout the process when your hat gets blocked, dries, is cut, shaped and styled, you can expect photo updates, if wished for. Once your hat is completed, we arrange pickup or shipping details with you. 

The custom process may take up to four weeks, depending of the scope of work. Rush fee applicable for shorter deadlines. 

Please note that custom-made hats cannot be returned. 

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    Our current color selection of 100% rabbit felt.
    While we're happy to source your preferred color if not available. 

    A small selection of our wide one-of-its-kind pins, ornaments, and crystals.
    Obviously, matched with a broad range of feathers, bands, and buckles.