Founder and milliner


Richard Faison is a Brooklyn-born and -raised artist. An early seed was planted by his Trinidadian father, who loved Westerns. Inspired, Rich started wearing hats around the age of 12, and developing his own, modern take on a Western style.

It was New York and a friend from the Hasidic community who opened the door to Rich's creative passion. Out of all hats, Richard mastered the craftsmanship in creating 'Shtreimels', the elegant fur hats worn by Jewish men for Shabbat, weddings, and other holidays.

In 2022, Richard ventured out on his own to start Oliver Lewis Hats, with the intention to create unique pieces that go as well with a T-shirt as with a suit, challenging the notion that hats are often still associated with selective or festive occasions. It was Richard's early interest that led him to Oliver Lewis, the namesake of the company, a Black jockey and the very first Kentucky Derby winner, lost in history.